technical debt technological debt
Techn(olog)ical Debt And How To AVOID Its Dreadful Consequences
With Just A Drop Of Dish Soap And A Sponge   The best explanation we have encountered of what the
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Why We Love Scrum (And You Should, Too!)
Having developed IT solutions for dozens of companies from all around the world, we have had to do with both
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Discover your product, easy.
The thing with designing a software is that in most cases the idea of how should it look like is
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5 questions you need to ask before choosing a software house
If you are here, it probably means that you are currently looking for a firm to help you develop a
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body leasing
Find out the difference between Body Leasing and Development Teams Outsourcing!
The rapidly growing demand for IT workers that we are currently experiencing caused the increase of difficulties while hiring properly
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it software development poland
Software development – how do we do IT in Poland?
6 reasons why you should move your next project to Poland There is a fine line between what it means
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web application
Mobile, desktop or web application – what should you choose?
The app. It has been one of the fastest trending buzz words of last years. Many times when we hear
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Freelancer or Software House – what to choose?
Before choosing the right option it is essential to identify the difference between freelancing and software house services. The concept
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it outsourcing poland
3 reasons why outsourcing to Poland is the new IT thing
According to the Global Services Location Index™ Poland is one of the most popular destinations to outsource services to. At
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evolpe software house
eVolpe Software House – well-known company, newest brand
Dear Readers, with the first post on our blog, we want to use the opportunity to introduce the story of how we
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