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It’s official. Employees have become a company’s most valuable asset. And you should do business according to this circumstance. At the same time, not everyone is driven only by money.

What motivates people?

Professor Steven Reiss from The Science of Motivation® speaks of 16 different basic desires.

  • acceptance
  • beauty
  • curiosity
  • eating
  • family
  • honor
  • idealism
  • independence
  • order
  • physical activity
  • power
  • saving
  • social contact
  • status
  • tranquilty
  • vengance

For example, when someone is motivated by order, they will prefer to work in an environment where everything is standardized. They will look for structure and stability.

It is not hard to imagine that someone will want to work for an organization that has it all figured out, rather than for a messy start-up.

And that is pretty easy to obtain with a little help of bespoke software development.

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Software that helps people thrive

We come to you with a feature called Employee Portal.

It means that we give your team a tool for self-management. They will be able to control their working time, absences, self-development and career paths. They will easily access all the necessary documents and receive notifications about important events. It can also serve as an internal communication app.

What do you get from eVolpe?

Intuitive and employee-loved solution

Create a solution that is useful and user-friendly

  • Make your software visually pleasing and personalized
  • Engage people with content that reflects your company culture
  • Inspire your workforce to feel appreciated
  • Nurture a sense of community and belonging

Accessible self-service platform

Keep employees engaged and connected

  • Capture feedback directly from the work field
  • Allow people to log in from their preferable device
  • Let people be self-reliant in their endeavors
  • Keep encouraging bottom-up initiatives

Data-driven insights to act on

Start making decisions based on data, not gut and intuition

  • Put your team front and center, and let every voice be heard
  • Measure the impact of your efforts
  • Make decisions based on organizational surveys and live polls
  • Launch a digital suggestion box to capture your team’s feedback
  • Introduce structured channels to approach HR and management

Stress-free communication

Forget about prolonged meetings, email multitude, and funnelled down communication

  • Reach selected audiences or your entire workforce
  • Make critical know-how accessible. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Set push notifications and auto-reminders
  • Check open rate and target follow-ups at the people who missed out

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Sławomir Wnuk
Head of Sales

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