HCM System

Human Capital Management software is for you to manage the “soft” side of HR. It provides your team with the best employee experience out there. It simplifies your job. And enables the analytical approach to talent management.

If you still have doubts, here is why else you need one.

Why MintHCM? And why with eVolpe?

We come to you with a great open sourced solution called MintHCM.
See below, if it is worth your while.


It has over a dozen of ready-to-use features which we are able to expand or adjust.

Pay some attention to it, if you are looking for something to manage recruitment, working time or employee performance.


You will get an out-of-the-box experience. But we will soon fix you up with a custom-fit kind of software.

As the code is open, it takes only a little bit of time, and ounce of your engagement and some effort on our side.

on-premise or cloud

It is possible to host it On-Premise and get rid of the licensing costs.

The system in Cloud is not that expensive either. Depending on the number of active employees it costs from $4 to $1 per record.

solid foundation

MintHCM is a fork of a well-known CRM software, entirely reinvented to now meet requirements of HR-related teams.

It takes from years of experience of a vibrant community of  open source programmers. And it shows.

Mint Employee Experience

Happy employees equal happy customers. MintHCM is a solutions for pioneers of that approach.

It provides your team with a holistic employee experience. It helps them feel welcome as their join your organization. It allows them to manage their everyday tasks. And takes their careers into the favorable direction.

eVolpe & MintHCM partnership

eVolpe partnered up with MintHCM from the first public release back in 2019. Our developers know every bit of its code.

That expertise will for sure come in handy when we kick-start your project.

MintHCM’s features


Effortless coordination of talent acquisition procedures.

Job description

Keeping the responsibilities and career paths transparent.

Employer branding

Ensuring the positive image of the company as a worthy employer.


Getting the new joiners on board. Easy.

Employee profile

Handy catalog of essential personnel’s information.

Competences & skills

A transparent overview of expertise and know-how in the organization.

Employment history

Keeping a comprehensive catalog of employment contracts.

Employee performance

Evaluating employee performance.

Time management

A way to efficiently manage daily tasks and perfect the work. On time.


Meeting deadlines, and not in a hurry.

Travel & expenses

Delegating employees to work outside the headquarters.

Resources booking

Exchanging the material assets within the company. No problem.

Leave management

Keeping track of the absences and precisely distributing responsibilities.


Letting people go without letting go of the know-how.

Employer branding

Taking advantage of data collected for the analytical purposes.

System administration

Adding user roles, permissions and setting up the system.

New: workplace

Keeping track of office space occupancy.

Soon: gamification

Engaging employees in their day-to-day tasks.

Soon: linkedin integration

Actively looking for candidates to hire.

Mint Mobile

Everything you get in your browser, you are able to do in an app. If you like to work on the go, you will appreciate a user-friendly mobile view.

It works both on iPhone and Android phones. You can start using it right away with a vanilla version of Mint, but we can also customize it to suite your specific needs.

MintHCM’s pricing

price: $40 / month


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