Minimum Viable Product

A solution to your problem, not a commodity.

Do you wish to launch new software?

The more important question is: what do you need it for? Let’s think of it as if you would need a delivery truck for your business. Not because you are fond of cargo-type vehicles, but because you need a reliable mean of transportation.

There are a couple of ways to get it. You can pick a new one right from the shop. But that costs a lot. You can also look for a used one. But that takes time and the car might lack some features. Or… you could invest in something a little less expensive and re-do it in a way that fits your very specific needs.

The last one is almost exactly like the MVP option in software development. Because cooperating with a software house is pretty close to working with a reputable workshop.

For start, you need to get something that simply does the job. You know – so you can move things for work without trouble. With a little help of some honest mechanics, you will, eventually, get the van you wanted. Yes, it takes time, but the key thing is – your problem gets solved from the very beginning.

And in the meantime, you still get to take your vehicle for a spin. So, you are able to see for yourself if you like the enhancements. And if they actually improve the comfort of driving and transporting heavy loads for money.

a van being built step by step

Same with IT systems. You could actually say that Minimum Viable Product is similar to tuning cars. The software will have its basic features, for an affordable price. You can also get it pretty fast and use it to move your business forward.

As you keep investing and adding more “parts”,  you will eventually end up with something very robust. It is definitely worth the wait. The good news is, in the meantime, you are not left without a solution. You can use your MVP without interruption, and observe how it becomes more and more powerful with every Sprint.

the phrase rule 80 by 20 – pareto principle – handwritten on classic blue night wet window glass with selective focus and blur

Go MVP, before you go all-in

Just like a motor cart with a trunk could be sufficient to move boxes, an MVP is enough to fulfill basic software requirements. It will provide you with the system’s core features. For a reasonable amount of money. And fast!

Of course, you should not give up on your dream of getting a dependable tool. But there is no reason to “carry everything on your back” until you get one.

You can take advantage of the system’s core features before we provide you with a bespoke solution. Thanks to our expertise in developing MVPs, you will receive the first version within weeks. We will then continue to work and enable the system with more components. The system will grow, and you will learn to use it on the go.

20% of the effort gives 80% of the result, and the remaining 80% of the effort gives only 20% of the result.

The Pareto Principle

100% user adoption

It will be profitable for your business to start fast with a standardized set of features. It will also be beneficial for the users. Even the best kind of training isn’t as informative as trying the software in real life.

Inspiring project evolution

MVP may also inspire new features. And that is actually anticipated. It is difficult to theorize. But when you see certain functions in action, you are more likely to come up with the next best solution. It will make your bespoke software even tighter.

What do you get? How do we work?

Minimum Viable Product shouldn’t be an unbearable cost, rather a profitable investment. See how we could work together to aim for the highest ROI possible. Also, what to expect when taking the MVP approach. From us and from yourself.

Development from the ground up


  • tell us about your business and unique requirements
  • approve the design
  • do not need to wait long for the first results
  • get to test and approve everything


  • take notes and use this information during development
  • provide you with mockups
  • start programming almost immediately
  • listen to your feedback and fix things (if necessary)

User adoption is key


  • log in and start using the software
  • get to use the system in action
  • adequately recognize the potential of the product
  • receive hands-on technical support


  • set up the system for you
  • train you and show you how it works
  • help to determine the functionality
  • answer technical questions you may have

Constant improvement


  • give us feedback
  • take advantage of the already done pieces of software
  • communicate new requirements


  • adjust the application as you see fit
  • keep working on system’s other features
  • listen, learn and draw conclusions for the future

Swift adaptation


  • spend your money wisely
  • get a system that fits current requirements


  • develop change-friendly systems
  • are ready to react if situation changes

Do first





Not urgent


Not important

MVP = urgent + important

MVP is usually an outcome of the priority matrix. When you know what is urgent and important, you also know what to start with. Try using this method while deciding on what to take on first in your project.

The very first features of your software should be those you cannot live without and are pretty easy to obtain. The next should still be important, but not as urgent and perhaps a little more complicated. You should schedule to order them soon.

You may want to say no to the „not urgent and not important” requirements.  The „urgent and not important” are optional and should probably be discussed.

Rice Score Formula

Another effective method of prioritizing ideas for MVP is Rice Score Formula. To do it right, you need to check each feature by four factors.


How many users’ lives will you improve?


How much do you improve the lives of users?


How confident are you that the product will be fire?


How much time and resources will be spent on the implementation?

Do you want to kick-start your project with an MVP?

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