MVP software for Startups

Minimum Viable Product (MVP software) is a product offering only key features. It is dedicated to the novice businesses, that can successfully work with just the demo version of an unfinished software.

The concept of MVP corresponds to the ideology of Agile Development, which proposes releasing active fragments of the system throughout specified amount of time (Sprints, according to Scrum). The initial stages of such software are nothing else but Minimum Viable Product.

Did you know...?

A startup company can benefit from the installation of the prototype system without incurring significant costs and having to wait for the full version?

Lean Startup according to eVolpe Software House

At eVople Software House, we respond to the Lean Startup call. It helps to obtain support in the primary phase of business operations.  We put an effort to build systems that serve our young, entrepreneurial customers for the further development of their business.

Our offer for startups functions as a derivative of Product Software Development. Also, in this case, we propose dedicated and efficient tools – in a slightly reduced form.

Thanks to Minimum Viable Product you are able to determine what type of a solution and with what functions will be useful in order to meet the needs of your target group of customers.

Through following rules of Scrum, we guarantee the stability and functionality of the delivered system at every stage of its development. Even the basic version released by eVolpe offers concrete added value. A project started by eVolpe as Minimum Viable Product can always be extended and filled with new functions.

Many years of experience in developing systems for Sales and Marketing departments allows us to provide consulting services also in the area of business processes. Ask our consultants for pre-implementation analysis!