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eVolpe Software House – well-known company, newest brand

eVolpe Software House is the newest project of the eVolpe Consulting Group founders. The eVolpe brand has been functioning on the market for more than seven years. Finally, it is time to introduce another addition to its offer.

After a long and careful analysis of customer’s needs, we have noticed that there is a significant loophole in the offer of customized software services on the market. Working with Open Source systems has taught us that delivering individually tailored solutions is equally crucial for both parties to the contract. Hence, to meet the emerging interest we are now providing perfectly customized business software.

eVolpe Software House at a glance

Complex business software development – this motto contains the main idea behind our business at eVolpe Software House.

At eVolpe, we undertake many aspects of software development using Scrum. We are working on the production, implementation, and maintenance of many different IT environments. As part of our offer, we have also included development team outsourcing and outsourcing of individual IT workers  (designated exclusively to the implementation of specific projects). We specialize in web applications and have significant knowledge in Sales and Marketing area. We are also proud of the experience gathered during many ambitious projects for large local and multinational corporations. Our offer is also addressed to young entrepreneurs for whom we have created the minimal viable product for startups approach.


Customized IT software based on programming languages such as PHP and JavaScript.


Comprehensively, supporting our customers at every stage of production, implementation, maintenance and more.


Because we believe in your business and we want to help in its development.

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The headquarters of eVolpe Software House are located in Poznan, Poland. The scope of our business, however, exceeds any territorial boundaries. Our customers come from different, even the most distant corners of the world. The company provides services not only in Poland but also in other European countries, as well as overseas, including Australia, Canada and the United States of America.
Cooperation of foreign partners with development teams at eVolpe Software House is possible thanks to flexible working time and the use of the latest online communication tools. Therefore, we are able to remotely run even the most complex IT projects.