eVolpe Software House – well-known company, newest brand

Jun 17
evolpe software house

eVolpe Software House – well-known company, newest brand

Dear Readers,

with the first post on our blog, we want to use the opportunity to introduce the story of how we established a new brand within the eVolpe group …

It started a little low-profile with just the idea to take a closer look at the previously created company and its nearest surroundings …

At least once a month we try to organize an open discussion panel called “What’s new?”. During such meetings, we are sharing interesting facts from many different fields of knowledge, for example, science, psychology or business. Sometimes we hear about sales techniques, sometimes about methods of fast learning, sometimes about the latest software features created by our developers.

One day, during a short speech given by our colleague, we reminded ourselves of the advantages of SWOT. Thanks to the subjective balance of strengths and weaknesses and objective analysis of threats and opportunities, we were able to recognize the direction of further development for our organization.

We are a young and buoyant team of software enthusiasts. We like what we do and we are really good at it! Moreover, we rely on experience gained during more than seven years of Open Source deployments. We have created numerous IT solutions, mostly for Sales and Marketing departments. Our developers are experts in PHP and JavaScript programming. We have worked with large companies from Europe and America. We are able to take on complex, individually dedicated and advanced projects, even from afar.

Awareness of these few, truly valuable competitive advantages, inspired us to take on next, bold challenge. Comparing our own attributes with the trends observed on the market, helped us decide to found a completely new brand. eVolpe Software House!

With the new, second “pillar” of the company, we want to more accurately respond to the needs of our customers. We set ourselves the challenge of providing comprehensive computer software which, through rich functionality and individually tailored structure, supports the sustainable development of your company!

eVolpe Software House vs. Open Source

Based on many years of experience in B2B cooperation, we have gained a broad expertise in the optimization of business processes. Developing systems for companies from different sectors of the economy, we have learned how important is the individual adjustment of the system to the locally adequate procedures. Solutions proposed by major manufacturers, although optimized for the general audience, often require advanced programming skills. At eVolpe Software House, we not only work with Open Source codes but also create a completely original product!

We still believe in the idea of open software and often draw inspiration from free frameworks and libraries. Our mission is to provide comprehensive IT tools that fully respond to individual requirements of eVolpe customers. If it improves this part of the job and makes the final product even more efficient, we take advantage of the benefits of Open Source in the manufacturing process as well.

Outsourcing is trendy

We also try to follow a contemporary trend of outsourcing. To customers who do not want to go through time-consuming recruitment processes, we offer services of professional development teams. We realize how demanding is the task of choosing a suitably qualified, capable of leading complex projects staff. With our support, it is possible to re-delegate the unpleasant duty.

Agile Development in Poland

At eVolpe Software House, we aim to popularize the ethos of Polish programmer. We are proud to hear from our foreign customers how well the Poles do the job. In addition, we also try to be a role model and furthermore promote this type of comments. We believe that Polish developers in many cases outreach the highest international standards.

Polish programmers are well educated and usually share an excellent professional background with knowledge of  Agile Development work techniques. At eVolpe Software House, we focus on directly fulfilling the ideology of Agile with the framework of SCRUM. It’s a modern approach, that organizes the work of the development team and helps to deliver tailored, properly operating and functional software.

Lean Startup, because everyone once started

Finally a few words about the last component of our offer…

During this mentioned, repeated SWOT analysis, we’ve also remembered what’s it like to start from scratch. Although eVolpe Software House is yet another project of the same team, we definitely identify with those who are taking their first steps in the business. Exactly for such people: young entrepreneurs with a vision, we offer the last but not the least important solution: Minimum Viable Product for Startups.

MVP it’s a software that is offering only key features. It is dedicated to the novice businesses, that can successfully work with just the demo version of an unfinished software. With this solution, the startup founders are able to determine what type of a tool and with what features will be the most useful to meet the needs of the target group of customers.

To sum up,…

eVolpe Software House is a completely new edition of another project that was once launched under an orange trademark (eVolpe Consulting Group). Without suspending current operations, we now are expanding the range of our services under a new logo! However, the above-described elements of our portfolio are only a way to achieve following, overarching goal:

delivery of fully customized software which, thanks to its functional solutions, combined with the comprehensive services of our specialists – helps with the development of your business!

We hope that we were able to interest you with our story.

For more details on eVolpe Software House, please contact our team.

Team eVolpe Software House

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